Orissa aka Odisha is a land of simplicity, and it is best reflected in their weddings. The Odia matrimony is devoid of any extravagance in terms of wealth and status. The weddings are carried out with traditional customs and adherence to the roots. An Odia wedding or Bahaghara as it is popularly known, follows Vedic Hindu rituals. But, since wedding rituals of all religions are witnessing a makeover, matrimonies in Orissa are not far behind. With changing times, the rituals, bride and groom’s attire, venue décor and a lot more is being altered. And if you want to in on the latest trend, here are some ideas for you to add some fun to a simple Odia wedding.

  1. Pre and Post Wedding Parties: Everybody enjoys a night of dancing, and so do your invitees. So, make it fun for them, for yourself and for your spouse by arranging a pre or a post wedding party. While a pre-wedding party in the company of your friends and cousins can be your bachelorette; the post-wedding will help your wife get to know the family better and will give you two a much-needed break after all the tiring wedding ceremonies.
  2. Majestic and Grand Venues: Venues have played a major part in changing the wedding game. Shifting from residences to lavish resorts, hotels and clubs add a charm to a wedding. The same can be done with Odia weddings; this will not only help ease the trouble taken by the family but will also accommodate more guests. Venues can be customized to add a fun element to the wedding, with beautiful decoration and other arrangements.
  3. Short Guest List: By keeping the guest list short, you could spend more on the decor, the accommodation and on the different functions at the wedding. All these celebrations will be more intimate and will enhance your time and occassion spent with your loved ones; a far cry from just smiling and taking pictures with a queue of people you do not really know.
  4. Destination Wedding: A fancy trend at weddings that seem to be the rage, destination weddings celebrate your special days in scenic locations or geographies. Not only are these more personal, it also lets your family and extended families to stay and enjoy at a common space. Such a wedding also saves the trouble of travelling from and to homes and multiple venues for the various functions planned. It might even work out easy on the pocket.
  5. Wedding Attire: With so much changing in the way weddings are perceived and conducted, the focus and importance of the bride and groom’s attire remains. Experimenting with different styles for the function and based on your traditional attire is the fashion. You could play with several colours, outfit combinations, fabrics, or the ensemble. Brides today prefer dressing with sophistication, with less heavy jewellery and sober lehengas.

While Odia matrimony might be going through a makeover, the very essence of this joyful celebration of love remains intact.