Indian weddings are usually a lavish event. They are meant to be vibrant and colorful and consist of a number of ceremonies. It is an event where the entire family, close relatives, and friends come together and celebrate. They bless and the newly married couple and give them gifts as a token of love. The guests are also given wedding return gifts by the couple’s family. Some of the major events and ceremonies to be expected in a typical Indian wedding are as follows:


The typical Indian wedding will last for 3-4 days. It consists of many different traditions and rituals. Some of the important days are the Mehandi ceremony, where the bride and the other females will apply henna on their hands in a decorative manner. It is followed by the sangeet ceremony where the couple’s family meets and later on music and dance take over. This is followed by the wedding ceremony usually at the bride’s home and the last day is the reception at the groom’s place.

Rituals on the Wedding Day

The wedding day is characterized by the “baraat” or a musical procession where the groom’s family and relative visit the bride’s home for marriage. The groom usually goes in a decorated horse. The baraat is full of music and dance. The marriage ceremony begins with the bride’s and groom’s parents sitting under the mandap- a canopy. The couple are then made to sit in the mandap and rituals are performed by the priest. Finally, the couple take the seven vows of marriage around the auspicious fire. The groom fills the center of the bride’s forehead with Kumkum- a red powder- and ties a mangalsutra- black beaded necklace after which the marriage is completed.


The reception is organized after the marriage where the guests are invited to bless the couple. The Indian wedding reception is marked by music, dance, and variety of food for the guests. The reception will surely be a treat for the guests on the Indian culinary experience.


Food is an essential component of Indian weddings. The guests can expect to indulge in the diverse and delicious Indian cuisine during the weddings. The food consists of options for both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests.  Food is served on live counters to the guests.  The receptions are also marked with a wide array of sweets and desserts which is integral to the Indian food. The guests will surely enjoy the wide variety and quality of Indian food in the weddings.

Suggested Dress Code

Indian weddings are characterized by traditional ethnic Indian wear. Guests can dress in ethnic wear with bold colors. The ladies can indulge in wearing vibrant colored dresses and jewelry to a typical Indian wedding.


Generally, the guests provide their blessings to the newly married couple by giving them boxed gifts or envelopes with money. The gifts are thoughtful which will help the couple in their managing their home after marriage. In some cases, the couple requests the guests to not give any boxed gifts to them and in such cases, the guests usually give them envelopes with money or ship the gifts to the couple’s home. Wedding return gifts are also popular in Indian weddings where the guests are given gifts by the couple as a token of remembrance for being a part of their wedding and happiness.