Who would have thought that you could hold a concert in one of the most majestic mountains? Aspen, Colorado, a destination known for skiing, snowboarding, and outdoor recreation turns up the heat by holding a live music and free outdoor concert every summer or spring.

There are a lot of things to do in Aspen aside from taking a Gondola ride, braving the Roaring Fork River, visiting the Aspen museum or doing hiking, you can also catch music or live performances from different artists at various festivals and venues.

From Rock, Bluegrass, Jam Bands, to Evening Symphonies, these Rocky Mountains turn up the heat by blasting the place with these genres. But, where are the best places to go to if you wanted to experience live music?

Best venue for live music in Aspen:

  1. Belly Up Aspen – This is the most popular venue in Aspen. It’s a concert hall and music venue that features different great artist. The place may be small, it can accommodate around 400 people but it’s perfect for intimate and a more up-close experience with the artists.
  2. Aspen Mountain – Every Sunday during summertime, artists perform on top of the mountains for locals and tourist.
  3. Aspen Music Festival and School – Held annually in Aspen, Colorado, this is the perfect place to go to if you want to enjoy classical music performed by students or young artists.
  4. Wheeler Opera House – Located at the northwest corner of the intersection, this is one of the hubs not only for the operas and classical pieces of music but also for concerts, music festivals, film screenings, and stand-up comedians.
  5. Snowmass Village – This is the place to be if you want to enjoy free music. From reggae to classical jazz, Snowmass Village offers free music for everyone to enjoy.
  6. Aspen Gondola Plaza – This is pretty much the center of it all. Located at the very foot of the Aspen Mountain, it can accommodate up to 500 people under the big blue sky or under a tented canopy.
  7. Benedict Music Tent – It offers a beautiful open-air tent that has incredible acoustics. It can hold up to 2,050 guests which is a perfect venue for large concerts.

There are other restaurants and bars who host live music aside from the mentioned above. Aspen has the best bars and nightlife which promises to offer you a beer flowing wine than any mountain town in the West of America and aspen live music is the one thing you sure don’t want to miss.


Aspen has always been the destination for tourists who wants to experience soaking in the sun while gazing at its scenic view. During the winter, people head to Aspen to ski or snowboard, two of which are very famous activities in Colorado. Summer, on the other hand, in the mountains, is extraordinary. What makes it more magical is the fresh air, perfect view, and most of all, the fact that they host a lot of music events for different genres. If you have any don’t have any plans for summer, better check out all the aspen live music that will be held this year.