Request a contract for all contracted services and read carefully before signing. Be aware in the parts regarding fines, cancellations, deadlines and what happens if the professional does not appear on the day of the event. Do not get in doubt.

Complete ceremonial – at the ceremony and reception – guiding all protocols pertinent to the occasion:

  • Reception of sponsors, family and friends;
  • Receipt and identification of gifts brought by the guests;
  • Assistance in accommodating each of the guests and family as agreed with the bride and groom.
  • Coordination of the professionals involved and other measures necessary for the perfect accomplishment of the event.
  • Verification and assistance to the needs of the guests, and availability of pharmacy items, first aid kit, makeup and sewing.

Post Marriage

The ceremonialist and his team accompany the disassembly of the event, ensuring that it occurs within the schedule and local requirements. Deliver the gifts received, belongings and leftovers of sweets and cakes to one of the relatives previously combined, or collection for later delivery. The fine options for the Wedding Planning is there also.

The closing of the event can be done through a report consisting of the number of guests present, staff, possible breaks, count of beverages consumed and collection of the others for return to the consigned site.

Combine before the event with your ceremonialist if you would like to request the return of items, costumes and others and evaluate the additional values ​​for these services.

Attention: What Is Not The Role Of The Ceremonialist?

Did you have any family quarrels or disagreements with your mother-in-law? Do not take the problem to the ceremonialist. The only situation that will effectively help you is in the discussion with suppliers or something related to wedding planning.

Be Available 24 Hours Per Day

Unless it is on your wedding day, the ceremonialist will only be available during business hours. Remember, in addition to having other clients, you also have family, social life and deserve a rest.

Solving Problems On The Feast Day – If You Have Not Held The Service Previously

If you have not previously agreed with the ceremonialist, do not ask him to do miracles at the last minute. In this case, it is not the professional’s role to have to arrange more chairs, unwrap labels from the candles delivered on the morning of the wedding, and arrange floriculture on the day of the party.

Question Frequently: Lemon Pin, Does Not The book Replace The Ceremonialist?

Never. One completes the other. The Wedding Planner of the Bride makes it easy to view and organize. It will give you the north and help you plan all the activities that involve your pre-event. The ceremonialist can nominate suppliers, assist in negotiations and provide all the support you need on the day of your event. And then, your book will be a reminder of all the details chosen with such affection for your day.