Brilliant round cut diamond shines good, but it is the pear cut that can steal the show! So, when you choose pear diamond engagement ring to present to your beloved, you may find it a bit overwhelming experience. Just in case you may make some mistakes while buying such unique jewellery piece, we bring you some very important tips to ensure that you make a sane purchase.

  • Focus on color and carat

Pear is one of the cuts that look darker in the carat as small as one. So, you surely won’t be able to enjoy its sparkle to the fullest – the main reason which sets it apart from other cuts! Thus, the most important tip for buying pear diamond engagement ring is that you must choose a big rock so that it looks its best.

Talking of color, the G and higher color rating is recommended by the experienced jewelers. Such high rated color is advised because it brings out the cut beautifully and also maximizes its sparkle to the best.

  • Take a look on the prong

Setting a shape like pear on a piece of metal is no joke. The pointed tip of the pear shape makes the things more challenging. Obviously, you will not want such precious thing to get damaged easily. So, ask the seller about the prong covering the tip. The prong should be sturdy enough to withstand any hit or bump that is likely to happen in an occasion like engagement.

  • Go for custom ring

Mix the marvelous look of the ring with the emotion it is intended to express. So, get it custom made so that you can include your preferences in the design and enjoy the ownership of such marvel in a much better way.

Take help of these pointers and you are sure to make a purchase that you would cherish all your life.