Do you think of Las Vegas as the first to the huge, luxurious hotel complexes and their casinos, to extravagant pool parties and lots of glitz and glamor? Then you are not so wrong! In our tips, we’ll go into more detail about these highlights. We’ll also tell you what else awaits you on a trip to Sin City.

Travel reports

Las Vegas means party without end and highlights as far as the eye can see. Whether you want to watch one of the many shows, make the city insecure at night and party or just go shopping. There’s plenty to do in any case. The city is huge and there are so many different facets that it becomes a real challenge to pick the highlights! So that you will not be completely overwhelmed by this oversupply, we have put together some Las Vegas tips and tricks on how to explore the greatest sights while saving money. From the bottle service in Vegas to the pool parties, everything happens to be perfect.

Having the Best Time

The uncomfortable and boring flight time is already made good when landing on the glittering city in the desert while looking out of the window. In fine weather, which is almost guaranteed with over 300 days of sunshine a year, you can see the huge city from afar. No matter how exhausted you get out of the plane, the party atmosphere is omnipresent here and you immediately fall for the magic of the city.

 The ambiance in Las Vegas!

Slot machines and loud music greet visitors in the lobby. By taxi, or if the budget allows, with the stretch limousine, you drive from the airport just under 5 minutes, and so quickly reaches the famous  Las Vegas Strip. If the airport has knocked you out, you’re probably going to get a heart attack now. The ambiance between the largest hotels in the world is almost unreal and impressive.

Las Vegas tips

It is best to get an overview of the highlights of the city with a walk along the strip. For the good 4 miles (6.4 km) you should definitely take a whole day and visit as many of the hotels as possible. You should not be afraid of that, because visiting the hotel complexes is allowed for non-guests, yes, even desirable. Once entered, it is an almost indescribable feeling – sniffs a bit of casino air and let the whole ambiance act on you.

The pool itself should be lit and clean if possible, and then he just makes more. At the edge, you can place lights that provide extra light. Small, round side tables are always good if you put them around the pool. Discreetly distributed lanterns and fairy lights bring indirect light. Even torches and palms can be placed accordingly.

In addition, if you are looking for a convenient alternative to explore Las Vegas then there are options for that also. Drive through the city in the stylish, open double-decker buses and experience all the sights in Las Vegas comfortably and in a short time. From the bottle service in Vegas to all the services, get the best options that suit you more!