A trade show is usually held to bring the members of a particular industry together to demonstrate and discuss the latest improvements and innovations. Major trade shows are generally organised in big cities and last for many days. In any trade fair you will usually come across presentations, workshops, private events organised by the exhibitors, networking events, interaction with media and sometimes even award presentations. The Cannabis Trade Show primarily focuses on expanding the growing cannabis industry. In this show, all executives involved with the thriving companies are welcome. If you are one of the emerging professionals, then you would be interested in exploring the latest technologies and learning the tips to grow your business in this competitive world.

About Hemp

There are a variety of cannabis plants that you will come across. Hemp, which is non-psychoactive, is one such variety of cannabis. Here, the THC present is less than 1%. Hemp is typically grown as a raw material which can be incorporated into thousands of finished products. Its flowers and seeds can be used in health foods, nutraceuticals and other organic body care products. The stalk and fibre is used in clothing, paper, plastic composites, construction materials and a lot more. The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) has also estimated that the total retail value of the entire range of hemp products sold in the U.S. would be $620 million. Denver Cannabis Trade Show is one such trade show that exhibits hemp products.

The Cannabis Trade Show

The Indo Expo Trade Show, the Cannabis Trade Show organised in Denver welcomes all buyers, retailers, farms and licensed facilities. If you are interested in attending the event, you need to register ten business days before it starts. You can visit the show only if you are a qualified buyer. Being a qualified buyer, you are also eligible to receive complimentary access. If you possess a wholesale buyer’s license or any other license you automatically qualify for the free pass. Here, you can purchase services and products from the sellers for your wholesale market. If you do not meet the said requirements, you can buy a pass for two days or tickets for Sunday. In this trade show, you can expect carpeted booths, exhibit space and halls, high-volt electricity supply, four complimentary badges, alphabetical listing of the show directory, access to networking events, workshops and seminars, access to Wi-Fi, parking area, identification sign as an exhibitor, complimentary passes for all networking events and  complimentary porter service.

What to expect

This Denver Cannabis Trade Show is a beautiful platform for business entrepreneurs of the hemp industry and its amazing bi-products. Its hallway showcases the US’s hemp services and products by a group of hemp vendors. The exhibits can include hemp seeds, hemp processors, hemp for pets, hemp foods, hemp education, hemp farmers, hempcrete, local hemp stores and a lot more. So, if you are a novice in this industry, then visiting such trade shows can prove to be helpful.