Wedding videography is a crucial a part of many weddings nowadays. Regardless of whether you have opted to coerce your buddies into recording your personal day on video or else you have made the decision to employ an expert videographer during the day, there’s a couple of do’s and don’ts you need to know about. We’ve compiled two lists of do’s and don’ts to really make it just a little simpler for you personally.

Wedding videography appears really quite simple, however it is not. Lots of people think simply because they may take good home videos they can perform a good job in a wedding. While in reality, there are more things that should be taken into account to get a high quality video within the finish. This is a listing of do’s and don’ts.

*Professional Videographer


– Hire an videographer with wedding experience

– Make certain they’ve support equipment

– Make certain they are fully aware the right some time and location

– Clearly condition inside your contract any special instructions


– Bring in help without wedding experience

– Be vague in what you would like and expect out of your videographer

– Accept terms you aren’t confident with

*Amateur/friend videographer


– Have ample support batteries fully billed and prepared to be used for you continually

– Make certain you’re familiar with all the video equipment you’re getting along with you

– Make certain you’ve permission by the pack leader performing the ceremony to be with the alter

– Know of the venue and then any special activities

– Arrive with enough time to spare


– Forget anything!

– Leave any equipment unwatched

– Talk when you are recording

– Make use of the camera to obtain the next location you will shoot, make use of your eyes after which move camera

– Be late

– Leave the starting time and date stamp on for just about any area of the wedding

To capture your wedding event on camera is not only filming. It’s an art, a present as they say. For this reason it is almost always better to employ a professional. Wedding videography is extremely different that filming your niece riding her bike the very first time.