Capturing an evening wedding can be a real challenge for photographers. The light is quickly fading, and you have to work fast to get the shots you need. This blog post will discuss some tips for capturing evening weddings. We will also provide some examples of stunning photos taken at evening weddings. Let’s get started! Check out Photography by Makena Lee.

Evening Weddings

As the sun begins to set, the light takes on a different quality. The air becomes softer, and the colors seem to deepen. This is when your evening wedding photography session begins.

To capture the unique beauty of an evening wedding, you’ll need to use a few different techniques. First, make sure you have plenty of lighting. Bring along extra batteries and flashlights, and don’t be afraid to use them! Second, take advantage of the natural setting sun by positioning your subjects so that they’re backlit. This will create stunning silhouettes that are truly unforgettable.

Finally, don’t forget to capture the little details that make an evening wedding so special. The candles flickering in the background, the bride’s delicate veil blowing in the breeze, the groom’s boutonniere catching the light, these are the moments that will make your evening wedding photography truly shine.

So when you’re planning your next evening wedding, keep these tips in mind. With a little preparation and a lot of creativity, you can create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Happy shooting!

Evening weddings can usually take advantage of the sunset timing and locations. If you are having an evening wedding, talk to your photographer about the possibility of doing a first look before the ceremony. This will allow you to get all of the formal portraits out of the way so that you can enjoy your cocktail hour and reception. Be sure to communicate your vision for the wedding day with your photographer so that they can capture it perfectly!

Tips That Work

This means that if you’re set on having an outdoor ceremony, you may want to consider a time earlier in the day when the sun is not so harsh. If you absolutely love the idea of a golden hour ceremony, then your photographer will make sure to be there to capture all of the beautiful details!

Use off-camera flash: Off-camera flash is a must for evening weddings. By using off-camera flash, you can create some stunning images that wouldn’t be possible with natural light alone.

Shoot in RAW: Shooting in RAW will give you the most flexibility for editing your photos later on.

Bring all the important tools: Of course, shooting an evening wedding would not be possible without other important tools such as light stands and power strip. The good thing is you can rent these from a Philadelphia Grip and Electric rental company if you’re shooting a wedding in this city.

Take advantage of the golden hour: Golden hour is that magical time just before sunset when the light is absolutely gorgeous.

Final Note

Reception photos are just as important as ceremony photos, so don’t forget to allocate enough time in your timeline for your photographer to capture those candid moments. The best part about evening weddings is that they often have stunning backdrops for couple’s photos! Talk to your photographer about utilizing natural light during sunset for some truly magical photos.