Lights, Camera and Action! The Bollywood drama is something we all love to watch with a lot of interest. Seeing this passion for movies, there are a number of lounges that have opened up in Delhi that boast of a film theme. These places are based on the concepts mentioned in our favourite Bollywood movies and then put together to form the perfect party destination for us. These lounges are becoming very popular amongst all the movie buffs as they are rushing to the place to enjoy the Bollywood twist in their own styles.

If you are a movie buff, then here are the 4 filmy-themed lounges that you must definitely check out:

  1. Badmash Company: This place is a cafe as well as a lounge. Badmash Company Saket is a great place with an ambience that makes you live the Bollywood dream. With various props and posters adorned on the walls, it has become very popular amongst the youth of the city. It is fully occupied during almost all times of the day. The place provides an awesome combination of a great ambience along with delicious food and drinks. There is a DJ for playing your favourite tunes so that you can rock the dance floor with your friends.
  2. Hero Number 1: This place is named after the Bollywood movie starring the king of comedy, Govinda and the entire place in a way pay tribute to him only. The ambience is all about the movies played by Govinda and his epic jokes that have made us roll over the ground with laughter. The management of the place also invites Govinda himself on certain occasions to surprise the guests and interact with his fans. When it comes to the food and drinks, this lounge maintains bistro theme and serves greats cocktails with cool Govinda-style names.
  3. Superstar- Superstar is another lounge, which is based on the Bollywood theme. The menu includes dishes named after the famous stars of Bollywood and is really humorous. This place is a complete entertainment package for all Bollywood fans. The entry to this place is also on a red carpet just like celebrities. If you are fond of movie stars, then this is a place that you must visit.
  4. Garam Dharam- Just as the name suggests, this is a place dedicated to the legendary superstar, Dharmendra. The entire decor of the place, the songs playing in the background, the dishes mentioned on the menu and their presentation will remind us of the iconic star. It is quite popular for the yummy North Indian cuisine. The rural interiors accompanied with the vibrant pastoral walls make the ambience really attractive and eye-catching.

If you have not checked out these places till now, then you have definitely missed out on something really unique. All these places are really economical and budget-friendly and provide a great dining experience for sure.