We agree that going on dates and hanging out with the guys is fun. But you know what is more fun than that? The answer is an all-girls party. It is going to be the best time that you will have because when girls get together, there is no silence at all. There are so many things to catch up on and the lively spirit and enthusiasm that the girls show when they are with each other is something that the guys can never match up to.

Delhi has some cool places for the girls to hang out. Good ambience, great food and all your girl besties together are certainly the best combination ever.

Here are some of the best resto bars in Delhi where all the girls must chill out with one another:

  1. Naile Pe Dehla Restro Bar– Located in the hustling and bustling place of Delhi that is Connaught Place, Naile pe Dehla is the best place for a delectable meal. From the superb ambience to delicious food, this resto bar is fully accomplished in all ways. If you are looking forward to having some fun with your friends then this place is going to redefine the fun factor for you. Its ambience is quite posh and plush. For those who want to enjoy their meal in the fresh air, there is an outdoor seating arrangement. The place also houses an elaborate bar that serves a variety of drinks.
  2. Code Resto Bar– Another great place for the girls to hang out with one another is Code Resto Bar. It is very popular amongst the youth as it offers the best drinks and the best food at a very pocket-friendly price. The bar is quite well stocked and the food menu has a number of choices to pick from. The overall ambience, as well as the decor, is very striking and attractive. The dim lighting arrangement of the place makes it look very cosy and comfortable for the guests.
  3. Junoon Restro Bar– If you and your friends are looking for a place where you can have an all-girls party and also enjoy some rich flavours of North Indian food, then you must pick Junoon Restro Bar as your party destination. The place along with the North Indian food offers a variety of other street foods that is surely going to tantalize your taste buds. The vibrant interiors complement the soothing music and make the ambience look very relaxing and peppy. The architecture that is used to build the resto bar makes it look similar to the Vedic villages.
  4. Prankster– Prankster is a resto bar that must be on your list if you are going to an all-girls party. Its ambience has been designed in such a way that it is going to make you feel like you are back to college again. The major highlight of this place is its large size and its capacity to easily accommodate more than two hundred and fifty people. The lovely decor of the resto bar fascinates the guests. A number of fusion foods along with quality drinks are served here.

Now that you know the best resto bars in the city of Delhi, it is time to that you starting planning for an all-girls party very soon so that you can have fun and enjoy good meal and music.