What is an event without the right venue? Whenever you are organizing an event, you tend to get confronted by so many decisions. Selecting a venue such as Le Crystal reception hall is one very important decision that will definitely have the greatest impact on the event. The event date, pleasant experiences of attendees, as well as catering options, all are affected partly by whatever venue you choose.

Does it sound a little bit intimidating? Décor, location, and ambience speak a whole lot about your event as well as play a very important part in the whole experience. But, besides looking nice for your guests and their cameras, below are four factors for consideration when choosing an ideal event space:

#1: Accessibility

Location, location, location! (It is repeated three times for enough emphasis) If you are hoping for a good turnout for your event, its location can be a very important factor for most of your guests. Nobody desires to spend one hour or more just traveling to an event venue, and spend another back. For that single reason, central venues or areas are usually popular choices for most events, specifically if they are a sort of stone throw away from the public transportation. A convenient and accessible location will always win!

#2: Size it Up

Before you make up your mind on the venue, have the guest total number you are expecting estimated. You do not want the place overcrowded by squeezing 300 people in a room meant for 200. However, you definitely do not desire a half empty space as well. Once you have properly approximated the attendance, decide on the event layout. Is it a banquet, a cocktail reception, or a seminar? Various formats will lead in smaller or larger capacities for your guests, so you should always be able to put together an estimated size of all your preferred venue.

#3: The Perks

Having your venue booked usually takes up about all of your planning budget, so you are planning on stretching your dollar for all it is worth. Check with venues as regarding all their facilities and if they also offer any deals which include multimedia and catering setups. These services can come with prearranged vendors or in-house. Furthermore, free parking is a good perk for all guests which are driving to the event. Venues which comes with these amenities will help in saving you both money and time, making your whole planning process a breeze.

#4: Restrictions

Certain event venues come with some strict restrictions and policies, so ensure to peruse them prior to booking in order to avoid any upcoming inconveniences. Restrictions may also be imposed on decoration, the type of drinks or food served, and most times, alcoholic beverages. Some venues may charge an additional amount for accommodating all your preferred vendors, in an event where their partnering vendors don’t suit your fancy. This may lead to incurring unnecessary cost and expenses, so it is much better booking venues which offer more flexibility.

Selecting an ideal venue can be helpful in crafting the best event experience for your guests and yourself. Additionally, a beautiful décor and good ambience, flexibility accessibility and value will help in encouraging a stunning turnout for your event without eating too deep into your budget.