You’ve dreamed about this moment for days, weeks, months, maybe all your life! It’s the moment where the world seems to stop and where you take control of your life, take your beloved by the hand, get down on one knee, and, with a deep breath and the knowledge that in an instant your two lives will be changed forever, ask the question that countless couples have asked in countless ways across the eons:

“Will you marry me?”

Every proposal should be a unique expression of love between two individuals. That’s what makes them so powerful in the moment and what makes the actual act of popping the question such an enduringly popular practice in the first place. Adding to the power and glory of the moment, of course, is the setting in which it takes place and where better to pop the question to the love of your life than in ever-lovely London itself? With a little scene-setting magic on the part of a professional proposal agency, you can make your wedding proposal the most spellbindingly romantic moment of your life!

Location, Location, Location

London is certainly an iconic world city. From Big Ben to Covent Garden to Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey and beyond, there are so many fantastic landmarks that can make for a beautiful and utterly memorable place to pop the question. Proposal agencies can help you decide where you’d like to propose, come up with the best proposal ideas in London for each of these locales, and ensure that the area is primed and ready for your big moment.

A Romantic Moment

“It is a truth universally acknowledged” that from Shakespeare to Austen and the Brontes to E.M. Forster and beyond, English literature is full of memorable romantic moments and pairs. For as different as their time periods and writing styles may be, all these literary geniuses have at least one thing in common: they know how to set the scene for romance. So much of what makes for a memorable proposal is the mood and setting. With the help of a professional proposal agency, you can set the scene for an unforgettable proposal. Flash mobs, private moments alone, special music and ambiance to set the scene: you name it, and wedding proposal experts can help make it happen to help give your proposal a storied ending!

Take a Breather

Your proposal is, obviously, an incredibly important milestone in your relationship. Chances are pretty good that people are going to ask the two of you for years to come how you proposed. That said, the best piece of advice for anyone looking to propose is to relax! While that may well be easier said than done, it bears remembering that not only will nerves only get in the way of the moment but that your proposal should be an outpouring of affection and feeling for the most important person in your life. You don’t want to hold back because you’re holding yourself back on account of nerves.

After all, professional wedding proposal services are here to help ensure that the most important question of your life meets with the most beautiful of answers!