The first big decision you need to make is whether you will be posting a physical invitation to your guests or sending an evite via email; or both.

The perfect invitation, despite the medium you choose needs to be:

  • Sent on time
  • Include RSVP information
  • Clearly state the date, time and address
  • State any dress code clearly
  • Express the theme (if there is one) with the invitation’s design

Physical Invitation:


  • The creative process and thinking outside the box is much more expressive if you can work with physical objects, like sending a pencil along with your RSVP card reading “pencil us in.”
  • You can incorporate the theme and your own personal touch with the shape, packaging or accompanying objects.
  • It’s traditional.
  • The event may seem more important if more effort has gone into making a physical paper invitation rather than a simple, free evite.


  • Paper waste.
  • No format available.

Evite (electronicinvitation):


  • Saves paper, a much more green approach.
  • Less expensive.
  • No stamps required.
  • Delivered immediately.
  • Easier to manage RSVP.
  • Editing is a quick fix rather than a complete reprint.
  • Easily accessible information on the event from any connected device.
  • Maps can be added to be directly inserted as the location on a GPS.
  • Easy to send reminders or changes to any information.
  • Many sites with pre-designed formats and filters are available.
  • Can be delivered to anyone, anywhere at the same time.
  • Easy to send out for corporate functions with many guests.


  • Less personal.
  • Depending on the event this may seem too ‘new school’ and be perceived as tacky.
  • May be seen as inappropriate for the calibre of the event.
  • Can be easy to miss in a busy inbox.
  • Harder to personalise the invitation to be sure who are welcome, i.e. no children written on the evite may seem less confrontational that the names of those invited printed on the invitation.
  • An evite is much more open to interpretation in the sense that guests may bring plus ones who have not actually been invited.
  • Older generations may be offended to receive an invitation, especially to something like a wedding, on their email.
  • Spamming and hacking causing to lose you evite altogether.
  • Not everyone is online to receive the evite.
  • Nothing physical to use as a keepsake.

Whichever you may choose just make sure the event is spectacular when the guests arrive, an events company can save the event despite the invitation guests received.