The right images have a huge impact on your audience. Various studies have shown that audiences are far likely to engage with image-rich content than prose. This is the main reason why sideshows, videos and infographics have become so popular. But how do you choose an image that will convey the message and still resonate with your brand?

Well, the following 5 tips should help you make the right call when it comes to images;

  1. Keep Your Brand in Mind

It goes without saying, but there is a reason this is the first factor we mention. When you go to a website like it is very easy to get sucked into all the pretty, cool, unusual and sometimes even funny images you’ll find there. You would not be the first to completely lose track of what your brand is and choose and image just because it is pretty. This is why it is very important to figure out what kind of message you want the image to convey before you choose an image. It might even be worth it to run your selection by some of your colleagues to ensure your image fits into your brand’s story.

  1. Make it Emotional

While you should never choose an image that is striking, just because it is striking, it is very important that the image you choose elicit some form of emotional response from your audience. The good news is you know what appeals to your brand emotionally and can therefore easily pick an image that you know will make them sit up and take notice without shocking them too much.

  1. Choose an Image with More Negative Space

It is known as the rule of thirds on photography, where an image is broken into a 9 x 9 square grid. This technique establishes the points of interest in the mid-points of the grid which is where people’s eyes tend to head. The negative space around the lines helps to draw the eye to the image. Therefore, try to choose an image with a lot of negative space or one that is clean, without a lot of things going on.

  1. Don’t Choose Generic or Cliché Images

Do you know those images that show a business meeting or an office where everyone appears to be happy at work? Well, you should avoid those as much as you can. The reason is simple. These images scream “fake” and your audience now this. Instead, consider using your own offices as they are, it may expose your vulnerability, but audiences engage better with “real” than they do with “fake.”

  1. Consider Color

Choosing images that are similar in tome and color will make it easier for the images to fit into your brand and be identifiable as part of your brand’s story. Your audience will also easily recognize the content since they have seen similar colors before which will make it easier to capture and retain their attention.