If you are planning your wedding, this is probably one of the most exciting times of your life. You are, after all, now engaged to the love of your life, and it’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? But when you are planning your wedding, you can’t afford to be too emotional – even though it’s a very personal event, you still need to make wise decisions. And one of the most major decisions you will make is choosing your wedding venue. Are you wondering how you can pick the best wedding venue? Here’s how best to choose the perfect venue for your wedding.

The capacity

Choosing your wedding venue entails thinking about how many guests can fit in it. Of course, if you fall in love with a venue and just have to have it for your wedding, then its size will dictate your number of guests. But if you are flexible with the venue, then you can first decide on the number of guests you want. If you want a large wedding, the venue should be large as well. If you want a more intimate affair, then the venue needn’t be that big. The venue needs to be just the right size so your guests will not feel too stifled nor feel too overwhelmed.

Before you look for a venue, make a tentative guest list. This way, you can already do away with venues which may be too big or too small. Whenever possible, check out a venue when it is already set up or fixed for a wedding – this will give you a better idea of how many tables (and guests) can fit in the space.

The location

The location is also important, particularly if it is not in your local area. If you would like a wedding in Oxfordshire, for example, it follows that you should look for wedding venues in Oxfordshire. If you have guests coming from far away or from abroad, it would be best if the venue can provide accommodation or is near hotels or inns. Make sure the place is also easily accessible to those who will either drive their own vehicles (think of parking) or take public transport.

Think about your theme

It goes without saying that the venue you choose should also fit your theme. Do you want something classic and elegant? Then a venue such as a beautiful hotel should be a great choice. Do you want a country style wedding? Then you can choose a venue such as a country house or manor. For a more modern theme, you could go for an art gallery or even an industrial warehouse. The possibilities are endless, as long as the wedding venue you choose fits with your own wedding theme.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com