If you are an Italian and wish to become an international student, then you will be requested to submit your Italian Translation services of diploma. Most of the international university programs require you to submit your application in their native language. So, if you wish to study in one of the top universities of the UK, then you will have to get your diplomas translated to English. Even if you are great at English, it is recommended that you never attempt to translate your transcription yourself. Another reason for getting your diplomas translated professionally is that you will also have to get them notarized for applying to any international institute. Here is everything you need to know before getting your diploma translated:


Your Diploma translation needs to be precise and accurate. The integration of the meaning of each word in the translation is very crucial. Also, there are legalities involved in the translation of a diploma; hence no words must be altered. Or else it might not be able to reflect your academic career precisely. So, make sure to get your diplomas and transcripts translated from a professional before proceeding with your application.


In case you have a deadline to submit your application for an international university, it is advised to get all your paperwork done beforehand. However, if you missed out on any details during your planning and need to get your Italian Diploma translated ASAP, Kings of Translation can help you out. We can offer you even the same-day translation services for shorter documents like diplomas. So, if you need to submit your application tomorrow, just make sure to send us your request with at least 24hours notice, and we will take care of it for you.

Professional Experience

Accuracy is very crucial when it comes to the translation of a diploma or transcription. It is not something that you can translate with the help of google translator. You would need professional and experienced service providers, or you can end up getting rejected by the university. This is where Kings of Translation come in with their experienced translators and years and years of experience. Get a free quote for your Italian diploma translation today!

Notarization of Translated diplomas

Most international academic institutes need the applicants to submit the English translation of their academic certificates, transcripts, and diplomas. They also ask for the notarized translated documents to ensure the authenticity of each certificate. Kings of Translation can handle both the translation and the notarization for you. You will not have to go looking for another service provider to get your translation notarized when we can handle both for you with our remarkable experience effortlessly.

We have staff and interpreters who specialize in 100 different languages, Kings of Translation have the ultimate authority to bring you the most accurate diploma translations within your deadline. Log on to our website today to find out more information about our services!