Whenever planning a wedding, most of the burden falls upon the bride and the bride’s family. Traditionally in the United States, the bride’s family pays and plans for the wedding and the groom’s family pays and plans for the rehearsal dinner. Granted, this is the traditional view and many couples now share the cost of their wedding day. However, to this day much of the planning still falls on the bride. Some argue that women are more inclined to plan their wedding day as they want everything to be just as they dreamt when they were young. Others insist that men have little interest in planning the details of a wedding. Regardless of who is planning the wedding, this article provides great ideas for decorating your wedding where both the bride and groom can be happy.

The Color Scheme

Choosing the color scheme of your wedding decoration is important as many decorative items will have to follow suit. Many wedding planners choose the color white as it symbolizes purity and simultaneously can go with almost anything. White is a neutral color that can be used in many parts of the wedding décor, but this convenience should not be used liberally. Too much white in your décor can make your wedding look drab or tasteless. Incorporating a more nature-inspired colors will allow for more decorative options, such as having bamboo plants as center pieces. Accenting the décor with natural elements like wood can also achieve the same results.

The Location

Decorating a venue will highly depend on the location itself. Many couples are deciding to get married in a foreign country and thus the décor will most likely match the country’s style or culture. As an example, for a quick marriage in Denmark, couples can utilize marriage services that offer package deals. Otherwise, couples can choose their own venue and décor. Matching the wedding décor to the location is especially effective when the wedding location itself has a historical or cultural significance.

The Flowers

Flowers are almost essential for every wedding. Couples typically choose fresh/real flowers or synthetic flowers. In many cases, fresh flowers are chosen for their vibrant fragrance and beauty. Fresh flowers are typically much more expensive than synthetic flowers that can be reused. In order to save on costs, couples can use a combination of both. Couples can use fresh flowers in places that are near guests and synthetic flowers to provide a better backdrop for pictures. It would be best to match the selected flowers to the current season and to avoid using too many different types of flowers. Sticking with five or less flower types provides the best results. Plus, couples need to make sure that the flowers that they choose match the selected color scheme of the wedding.

Decorating a wedding can be a difficult task when trying to accomplish it on your own. Try enlisting the help of your significant other and the planning could actually become a fun experience. Decorating for any event can be as unique as you want, so make sure to get creative when decorating for your own wedding.