The planning strategy you employ during the run-up to your wedding can be likened to a sequence of dominos, which implies that your first decision will reverberate and expectedly influence all of your subsequent choices.

In this regard, it’s important to note that the most momentous, impactful domino is the selection of your wedding venue because this particular decision will affect everything from your overall budget and aesthetic scheme to your vendors, catering solutions, invitations, itinerary, and even guest attire.

This brief exposé will serve as an all-encompassing guide to help you critically assess the best wedding venues in Sydney.

  1. Create a Rough Estimate of the Total Number of Guests

The best-rated venues can cater to an intimate congregation of 30 just as well as a bustling assembly of 240, but you must be able to accurately guide your intermediary so that he or she can present specific options tailored to your plans.

You must be able to approximate your invitee list to within 10-15 people because this is likely the first question that your liaison will ask you.

  1. Work with Your Fiancé to Set a Reasonable Budget

Given that you will have two separate family trees and groups of colleagues to deal with, you have to formulate your guest list before addressing how much you are willing to spend. You can’t leave out any of your loved ones, which is why the vast majority of consultants will advise you to derive your financial limitations from the sum of guests you expect to receive.

  1. Begin Corresponding With an Esteemed Venue Before Selecting Your Date

Simply by reaching out to a notorious, venerated venue, ideally one that has been delivering comprehensive wedding packages for many years, you can inquire about the dates that have already been reserved and ascertain the most cost-effective times of the year.

You shouldn’t agree on a particular date before contacting your venue, as this will box you in and complicate the process. Go into this stage with an open mind, and focus on seasons as opposed to specific days on the calendar.

  1. Put Your Faith in the Planning Assistant

Everyone has an idyllic, dream wedding in mind, and the top-rated venues can put forth not only an amazing setting and personalised trimmings, but also an in-depth assortment of customisable features to set your big day apart from other ceremonies.

So, rather than trying to posit every detail and particular by your lonesome, sit down with your liaison, and peruse through photographs of a few weddings that the venue has facilitated during the past year or so. This will allow you to handpick the aspects that you find alluring and appropriate while separating those that are unappealing or incongruous.

To get started, feel free to visit the webpage of a historic, Victorian-era facility in Sydney and fill out the brief enquiry form.