All hens parties need party supplies to make the event just that much more celebratory. Whether you are seeking hens night cake moulds, confetti, or party balloons, you want to make sure you have the appropriate supplies for the event.

Suggested Party Supplies

In order to plan for the occasion then, you need to include the following supplies on your party list:

  • Hens party invites
  • Confetti
  • Party banners
  • Cocktail stirrers
  • “Big Willy” foil balloons or regular balloons
  • Ladies night trivia coasters
  • Pecker freezer cubes
  • Goblet cups
  • Pink metallic balloons
  • Swirl straws
  • “Willy” straws – flesh coloured or glow-in-the-dark

The above list gives you just a sampling of what you can provide for the bachelorette party. You will also want to include such hens party treats as gummy finger ring dongs, jumbo gummy peckers, and hens party “peckermints.”

Some Recommended Hens Night Games

When coming up with hens party ideas, you won’t want to forget a game of pinning the “macho” on the man or planning a scavenger hunt. Add a bit of daring to the night as well by including a “drink and dare” lotto game. You can also opt for a hens party dares scratch card game.

Make sure not to forget the hens wear either. Every member of your celebration should have a stylish black hair bow or pink and silver flapper headband. A light-up “diamond” ring is also a must-have accessory. To make sure you are well-groomed, don’t forget to include the pecker hairbrush. The pink glow heart glasses are lovely accessories as well.

Some Noted Accessories

Other accessory items for hens parties include the following:

  • Sequinned devil horns
  • Pink and black feather boas
  • Hens party whistles
  • Hens night name badges
  • Cowgirl guns and holsters
  • Party masks
  • Hens party pecker rings

In order to commemorate the occasion, you do not want to miss adding to the party mood with a hens night autograph t-shirt. This bride-to-be tee makes an ideal memento for the bride after the party whilst providing great entertainment during the celebration.

Don’t Forget the Sashes

Have your guests and other people you meet write a “tip for the bride” on the t-shirt, or they can just sign their name. T-shirts come with an autograph pen and normally come in one size, or up to AU 16. You also do not want to forget to buy sashes, made especially for the bride, bridesmaids, maid of honour, and mother of the bride.

Temporary tattoos are also available for hens party attendees. Usually, the skin art comes in a pack of twelve and features mixed graphics. Don’t worry thought, you can wear the tattoo for days before easily removing it with mild, soapy water or baby oil. Cosmetics are also available for your hens night escapade so make sure you provide all the partiers with pecker lipstick. Give the lipstick as a game, prize or memento of the night.

Make sure you stock up well, as you will normally receive free shipping online if your order goes over a certain amount. After all, you cannot hold a hens party without the necessary accoutrements.