Big or small, intimate or a big blow out for everyone you have ever met. Whatever kind of wedding you are planning to have, there are always a host of ways you can make that wedding blow up in your face without really trying. These kinds of super stressful situations always lead to some kind of miscalculation.

But some are easier to avoid then others, if you know what to look for. So, while we may not be giving you that coveted 30 wedding send off ideas for the perfect exit, you will get more mileage knowing these blunders to avoid at all cost. Check them out, check them off your list and then go ahead and plan that perfect wedding that you know will have at least some chance of taking off without a hitch.

Don’t Blow the Budget on the Dress Alone

Trust me, this one is easy to do without even thinking you are driving with all thrusters on go. These delightful frothy little dresses, that by the way can weigh a ton if you add in pearls or fancy glass decorations to them, are pricey.

If you have a budget of $20K you better plan on spending at least half of that on the dress. But don’t go crazy or you will find yourself in a mad-expensive dress and little else on the wedding day. Leave at least enough so we can all get drunk and make jokes about it all.

Timing Is Everything

It can be a long time between the date that he asks that all important question (or you might, it is modern times) and the wedding day. Don’t be in a rush to tell everyone or worse yet send out the announcements right off the bat. If you love to party you just may want to ask everyone you meet to the shindig of the century, but don’t.

That couple you love to party with right now may be on the way out by the time next year’s wedding date rolls around. If you are hoping to have a small intimate wedding, better yet wait until you have made that list and crossed off all your noisy neighbors and high school buddies you haven’t seen in ten years. When in doubt, wait.

Hire Your Buddy to Photograph It All

You only get one chance to record the biggest day of your life. This is one area where too many wedding memories are spoiled because you wanted to save a few bucks. So, unless that friend of the grooms is an actual professional photographer, skip the pics as your wedding gift and hire someone.

First of all, if it is your hubbie-to-be’s best friend he will want him to be at the wedding, not spending all his time recording it. Also, if they are a pro they will do it right the first time. That is, after all, what you want.

Far Away Destination Weddings

Please. If I get one more invite from a friend who has decided to have the wedding of her dreams on some distant shore, such as Zanzibar,  I will change my address in secret. Keep the exotic location as a great honeymoon location and have the wedding where we can all go without taking out a second mortgage.

I am not sure where this trend came from but it is ridiculous unless you are marrying someone who can rent the plane as well. Give the locals your business and do it near home, gal. We will all thank you with crazy expensive gifts.