Children love to play dress up. Boys and girls alike fancy being something else or what they might be when they grow up. This might include dreaming of being a princess or a super hero or pretending to be a doctor or running an amusement park.  Children will take old clothes and even makeup to transform their look and become these characters they have created.

Yes, children love dressing up but they also love Right Choice face painting. Face painting might seem like something that clowns do (and that is true, yes) but the same face paint can be used to draw fun and simple things too.  It is kind of a middle ground between real life and fully immersed in a character.

Face pain is a bit more fun than wearing a mask, too.  A mask hides the face (and it can get very hot, in there) while face paint accentuates the face. Or, rather, face painting can simply add new character to your personality.

As a parent, then, this probably sounds intriguing. If you are considering face paint for your next kid’s party, here are a few tips?

TIP #1:  Use Quality Face Paint

As with just about anything else—and particularly cosmetics—always use quality makeup.  Read the labels and make sure that, for one, that the pain you choose is water-based. This makes it easier to clean up if you make a mistake or need to start over.  Water-based face paint is also better for children who might have sensitive skin.

TIP #2:  Always Use a New Makeup Sponge

It might not seem like much but it is important to always use a new makeup sponge for each child.  This does not improve the application of the face paint but it is the most hygienic application.  Most people don’t really think about this but it will matter to some children and some parents, and those to whom it does matter, will appreciate the concerted effort.

TIP #3:  Follow a Three-Step Process

Applying makeup is as easy as 1-2-3.  For face paint, a 3-step process makes it easy to finish the job quickly and consistently.  When applying face pain, the, you want to start with a base layer. This would be a single color with one wedge makeup sponge.  As with makeup, always start with the lightest color as your base layer and then add darker colors in subsequent layers.  Then draw whichever design you want (flower, flag, sun, star, animal, etc.) and the finishing touches you desire at the end, of course.